Sunday, 24 February 2013

The Inner Lees - 23/02/13

Observer Name: Kerri Clarke

Observation Start Time: 12.00

Observation End Time: 12.45

Weather Conditions: Cold and Overcast

Depth of Observations (indicate meters or feet): 9-11m

Water Visibility: Medium (3-6m)

Water Turbidity: (high, medium, low): Low

Water Current Speed (high, medium, low): Medium

Water Temperature (indicate C or F): 6.5C

Notable Flora: Some dead mans fingers on port side of the wreck

Notable Fauna: 5 Burrowing Anenome, 25+ Common Prawns, 3 very small Painted Goby, 6 Common Starfish, 3 Spiny Starfish, 1 Common Sea Urchin. Occasional featherstars to port side. No fish life noted.

Human Activity at Site: Other divers. Mussel raft moored to wreck, some boating activity around wreck.

Rubbish/Pollution: Ropes and wooden poles lying on starboard side of wreck.

Other Observer Comments: Dramatic decrease in life over winter months. Several pieces of wreckage lying at the back of the wreck that have broken off. Also more wreckage has broken away at the tear.