Strangford Lough

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Strangford Lough is situated in County Down, Northern Ireland. It is a sea lough covering 150km2; making it the largest inlet in The British Isles.

The Irish Sea enters The Lough through the 8km long "Narrows," thus creating an area of fast flowing tidal movement. The Spring tidal range of Strangford Lough is 3.5m; this results in an area of tidal flats stretching 50km2, which is 1/3 of the total area of the Lough.

Around 350 million cubic metres of water flow through The Narrows with every tide. Due to the vast amounts of tidal energy, Strangford Lough saw the arrival of the worlds first commercial tidal stream power station in 2007; Seagen.

The Lough contains 70 islands and is a conservation area for wildlife, a place of historical value and  recognised as an area of outstanding natural beauty. The Lough is also home to a number of leisure activities; both shore and water based.

Given the vast range of flora and fauna that inhabit The Lough, and the level of human activity, Strangford Lough seemed perfect for a Project Baseline Study.

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