Sunday, 23 December 2012

Ringhaddy Sound 23/12/12

Observer Name: Kerri Clarke

Observation Start Time: 12.00

Observation End Time: 13.00

Weather Conditions: Wind and rain

Depth of Observations (indicate meters or feet): 10m

Water Visibility: Poor

Water Turbidity: (high, medium, low): Low

Water Current Speed (high, medium, low): Medium

Water Temperature (indicate C or F): 9c

Notable Flora: Very little at depth. Seaweed close to shore

Notable Fauna: 1 Painted Goby,  1 Leach's spider crab, 2 shore crab , 3 common hermit crabs, 4 common starfish, , 1 spiny spider crab. 

Human Activity at Site: Lots of boats moored at site, some boating activity. 

Rubbish/Pollution: Some plastic bottles at the shore. 

Other Observer Comments: Notable reduction in the amount of life in winter months. 

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