Sunday, 3 June 2012

The Inner Lees, 02/06/2012

Observer Name: Kerri Clarke

Observation Start Time: 11.00

Observation End Time: 11.40

Weather Conditions: Sunny, some cloud, light winds

Depth of Observations (indicate meters or feet): 9-11m

Water Visibility: Medium (3-6m)

Water Turbidity: (high, medium, low): Medium

Water Current Speed (high, medium, low): low

Water Temperature (indicate C or F): 11C

Notable Flora: Dead mans fingers and lightbulb squirts cover the port side of the wreck.

Notable Fauna: 10 Burrowing Anenome, 3 Goldsinny, 4 Common Prawns, 1 Leopard spotted goby, 1 Long-Spined Scorpion Fish, 1 Conger Eel, 2 Small Dab, 1 Ballan Wrasse, 5 Painted Goby, 17 Common Starfish, 6 Spiny Starfish, 3 Bloody Henry StarFish, 7 Common Sea Urchin. Featherstars cover the bottom to the port side of the wreck.

Human Activity at Site: Other divers on the wreck lead to a loss of visibility at the back on the wreck. Mussel raft moored to wreck, some boating activity around wreck.

Rubbish/Pollution:Several empty mackerel tins removed.

Other Observer Comments: Observations are from the port side of the wreck where the bottom is composed of sand and shale.

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