Saturday, 23 June 2012

Ringhaddy Sound 23/06/2012

Observer Name: Kerri Clarke

Observation Start Time: 13.00

Observation End Time: 14.03

Weather Conditions: Overcast, rain

Depth of Observations (indicate meters or feet): 14m max

Water Visibility: Poor

Water Turbidity: (high, medium, low): Medium

Water Current Speed (high, medium, low): Low

Water Temperature (indicate C or F): 13C

Notable Flora: Occasional small crops of lightbulb squirts and Ascidiella aspersa. Sea weed close to shore and on mooring lines. Occasional areas of sea orange sponge and Esperiopsis fucorum. 6 clumps of sea beard. 1 plumrose anemone living on the tyre.

Notable Fauna: 25 Painted Goby, 3 Butterfish, 5 rock goby (1male with eggs, another male possibly guarding eggs due to it's dark colour), 1 spiny squat lobster, 4 Long-legged Spider crab, 5 Leach's spider crab, 6 Velvet Swimming crab, 5 shore crab, 11 harbour crab, 20 common hermit crabs, 30 common starfish, 3 feather stars, 1 Candy Stripe flatworm, 2 fan worms (very small). Many of the crabs and the squat lobster were covered in parasitic barnacles.

Human Activity at Site: Lots of boats moored at site. Some sail boats and RIBs out on the Lough.

Rubbish/Pollution: Rubbish removed from shore. Coke cans, plastic tubs, plastic bags etc,

Other Observer Comments: Life covered every area of this site including the tyres that have been placed there to hold the line to the Alastor wreck and moorings in place. Some small areas where the sea bed has been cleared of life by heavy chain moorings. At around 9m there were many common mussel, horse mussel and  king scallop shells but no live species seen.

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