Sunday, 10 June 2012

MY Alastor - 10\06\12

Observer Name:
 David Mellon and Kerri Clarke

Observation Start Time: 12.30

Observation End Time: 13.30

Weather Conditions: Sunny

Depth of Observations (indicate meters or feet): 19m

Water Visibility: Poor

Water Turbidity: (high, medium, low): High

Water Current Speed (high, medium, low): high on port side of wreck

Water Temperature (indicate C or F): 12C
Notable Flora: Dead mans fingers, Ascideiella Asprsa, Sagartia Elegans, feather stars and Lightbulb squirts cover all surfaces of the wreck. There are also sea orange and Esperiopsis fucrum sponges.

Notable Fauna: Shoal of spratt, 20 bib, 10 goldsinny, 1 large corkwing wrasse, 4 cuckoo wrasse, 5 rock crook, 1 tompot blenny, 1 butterfish, 1 conger eel, 2 janolus cristalus (nudi), 6 edible crabs, 2 sea urchins, 20 common starfish, 1 actinothoe sphyrodeta (anenome)

Human Activity at Site: 4 other divers, lots of boating activity on the surface

Rubbish/Pollution: None on wreck

Other Observer Comments: Certain life inhabits certain areas on wreck. Corkwing wrasse is behind bath, conger eel in funnel and tompot blenny in hole on collapsed superstructure. Several dead crabs noted on this dive.

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